Jiri Soukup

About Soukup


Jiri Soukup  is a man of many hats. He was one of the pioneers who figured out how  to design large silicon chips with a computer – the essential step for  the rapid evolution of electronics as we know it today. 

 He also has  developed a new methodology which will revolutionize  software design – replacing databases by storing directly the internal  data of the program, yet designing this program as if it were a  database. 

 For 15 years he kept and bread Scottish Highland cattle. He is a sea  captain, offshore sailor, beekeeper, and licenced trapper. His favourite  toys are a Beneteau sailboat,  Husqvarna chainsaw, and his Szemmelveis  cello. 

 Jiri writes articles and books, both technical and fiction. He studied  electrical engineering at Czech Tech. University and mathematical  analysis at Charles University, both in Prague, and he has a PhD degree  in technical cybernetics. 


He was a manager of the chip layout group in Bell Labs M.H., and one of  the seven founders of Cadence Design Systems, one of the three leading  VLSI CAD companies in San Jose, Calif. 

 Currently, he is the president of Code Farms Inc., Canadian company dedicated to better ways of designing software.